Beliche Fortress


Popularly known for Belixe Fortress, the Fort de Santo António de Belixe locates in the Cape St. Vincent on the beach of the Belixe. It is unknown when it was erected, perhaps in the reign of D.Manuel I or in the reign of King John III since it is drawn on the map of this region when the attack by the English privateer Francis Drake, who destroyed the fort . Your reconstruction was given by Philip III having been re-opened in 1632. In 1755 during the earthquake the Fort was badly damaged and led to your abandonment. At the end of the 1950 season was recovered in the context of the work carried out at Cabo de S. Vicente and Sagres by DGEMN. Classified as Property in the Public Interest this strong preserves walls, batteries and bunkers as the chapel of Santa Catarina donated by Infante D. Henrique shortly before your death whose Baroque altarpiece was transferred in 1997 to the Church of our Lady of grace which is located in the Sagres Fortress.

Beliche Fortress

GPS 37.027172, -8.982077

Street address Fortaleza do Belixe, N268

Town or City Sagres

Postcode 8650-000



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