Lagos Castle


Lagos had already an Islamic past, as coast defense and a privileged access to the city-capital of Silves.No reign of D. Manuel embarked on the most ambitious project of military architecture of the square, rebuilding a great part of the medieval extending perimeter fence. Only saves the Village, southwest of the city walls, with the remaining being suppressed by urban expansion towards the River, leaving only your name in some streets, such as Baroque and Portugal port. Lakes had an important role in the period of the Portuguese discoveries, this left, in 1419, the ships that found wood, in 1427 , for the discovery of the Azores and in 1434, Gil Eanes departed, to double the Cape Bojador, but also in 1415, left the expedition for the conquest of Ceuta and 1458 and 1472, to the conquest of Alcácer-Ceguer, Arzila and Tangier. During the war of the restoration, the castle’s defences were strengthened, the structure would be greatly affected by the earthquake of 1755. Ruined by the earthquake of 1755, in 1850 the land and the remains of the complex built were ceded to Mercy of lakes, from 1885, the adapted the Hospital. Although little remains of this castle a beautiful specimen Manueline window.The defensive system of Lakes, with a few traces of medieval fortification, is classified as a national monument.

Lagos Castle

GPS 37.097211, -8.671666

Street address R. Bombeiros Voluntários de Lagos 18,

Town or City Lagos

Postcode 8600-315 



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