Santa Catarina Fortress


Fort of Santa Catarina or Santa Catarina Fortress defended the town and the river Arade, cooperating with the Fort of Arade São João. It is not known exactly when this fort was built, some authors point out that have been at the time of Filipana Dynasty, but don’t had no proof has so far identified. The earthquake of 1755 damaged the fortress. The reconstruction works were developed in two fundamental stages in the immediate years, essential repairs in the years 90, the rest. The fortress of Santa Catarina is a great example and one of the last Philippine military constructions in Algarve and one of the forts that best illustrates the action of Alexandre Massai, military engineer who traveled the Algarve, between 1617 and 1621, and whose journey resulted in a Description of the Kingdom of the Algarve and numerous projects of coastal fortifications.

Santa Catarina Fortress

GPS 37.116627, -8.529609

Street address  Avenida Tomás Cabreira

Town or City Praia da Rocha

Postcode 8500-802

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