Expired: 4ª edição do Festival “encontros do DeVIR”

70 minutes children over 12 years price 6 € information and reservations 289 828784 / devir-capa@devir-capa.com “SLAVE” Cie Sun of Shade (France | dance) national debut We ask ourselves what our place in today’s society is, and look for a meaning to life, and for answers that are beyond the individual self. One can lose one’s self in a swirl of seemingly intricate, absurde or cynical values and ideologies. Our century’s youth may find some answers in the past, and make of History a form of representation for the experiences of mankind. The main difficulty dwells in accepting this heritage, and making it one’s own. Thus begins the struggle. The white man’s responsabilities often catch up with his resistance, and weighs heavily on his shoulders, like a long- forgotten debt. Man’s alienation repeats itself, each of us is responsible for our acts and their consequences, as if there was no stopping violence and each of us was to become the lonely bearer of a history we cannot free ourselves from. Choreography: David Llari Performance: Thomas Barbarisi Music: Franck II Louise || Konnecting Souls Light design: Didier Le Marec Lights: Laurent Verite Ani-Ma | Roni Chadash (Israel) national debut “I try to shed what I’ve learned, I try to forget the way I was taught to remember, And scrape off the ink they painted my senses with, Unpack my true emotions, Unwrap myself to be me, A human animal created by nature” Fernando Pessoa Choreography & performance: Roni Chadash Music: Raime, Bohern & Der Club Of Gore Custome: Jul Davidovich Set: Miki Patish, Guy Moses Goofy | Roni Chadash (Israel) “To the woman he said… and your desire shall be to your husband, and he shall rule over you.” Genesis 3:16 ‘Goofy’ in Hebrew means MY body. I wanted to raise a question mark on that, and check if we could really own our bodies. In our modern reality, where people are treating each other like a piece of meat, it becomes even more relevant to me. ‘Goofy’, is an attempt to understand how a body can lose its innocence, and how something so amorphous can transform into the known and common creature called “A WOMAN”. Choreography & Performance: Roni Chadash Lighting Design: Amir Castro Rehearsal manager: Dana Shoval Set: Adam Gorlizki Music: Arvo Part, Nicolas Jaar, Chopin GULA bird | Vincent Mantsoe (South Africa/France) This work was nominated and won the FNB VITA Choreography Award in 1993. The work was extended to a group piece, Gula Matari, which won 1st Prize at the 1st Dance Encounters of Contemporary African Dance in Luanda, Angola 1995. In 1996 the extended work won the Prix d’auteur du Conseil Général de Seine-Saint Denis at the Vth Rencontres Choregraphiques Internationales de Seine-Saint- Denis (France). When it was performed in Abidjan at MASA 99, the press said the following: “Masterpiece of the company, “Gula Matari” (“The Birds”) choreographed by the Associate artistic director and fabulous dancer Vincent S.K.Mantsoe makes each dancer into a bird-being. One can only be fascinated by the simplicity and the accuracy of their disjointed and staccato gestures and by one of the most beautiful solos of the global contemporary repertoire” Ayoko Mensah, Africultures. A man turns as a Bird and the Bird turns to a man, Birds are an eternal source of inspiration. They fascinate us not only with their flight, but also their distinctive body language, the consonance of their sounds with nature, their precious harmony and restlessness. All this is captured in the masterful solo GULA. “It is a distillation of an avian spirit in which rapid head turns, rippling fingers like wind-blown feathers, thigh slaps and crouching leaps remind one most of the pent up power of an eagle.” Mr. Mantsoe performed and still perform the solo Gula in many countries, for schools’ outreach projects and matured audience. Choreography: Vincent Sekwati Koko Mantsoe Performed by: Vincent S.K.Mantsoe Music: Gabrielle Roth and The Mirrors Costumes: Vincent S.K.Mantsoe action integrated in the 4th edition of the Festival “meetings of the DeVIR” more information: www.encontrosdodevir.com


Start date
May 19, 2018 9:30 pm
End date
May 19, 2018 11:00 pm


Cost/Budget 6.00€

Venue Lagos Cultural Center

Street address Rua Lançarote de Freitas, n. 7

Town or City Lagos

Postcode 8600-315

GPS 37.099867, -8.671876

Tel 289828784

Email devir-capa@devir-capa.com


4th edition Festival “DeVIR meetings” “SLAVE” Cie Sun of Shade (France | dance) national debut “Gula Bird” Vincent Mantsóe (South Africa / France | dance) national debut “Ani-Ma” Roni Chadash (Israel | dance) national debut “Goofy” Roni Chadash (Israel | dance) national debut

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