The ceremony took place in Odemira, at the Intermunicipal Assembly of the association which promotes local health policies in line with the World Health Organisation guidelines.
Monchique’s joining the network is part of the work already undetaken by the council for the benefit of its population in the social, physical and mental well-being areas and its promotion of healthy lifestyles, in parallel with dealing with environmental issues.
The Portuguese Network of Healthy Municipalities started in 1997 and is based on the promotion of the local strategies for a healthy lifestyle.
The mayor commented, “Monchique has a great desire to join this network to strengthen and expand its work with the local population. This is the reason that has motivated us always to put people first – a strategy that is in the centre of all the policies that we have implemented to promote the quality of life in the area.”
According to mayor Rui André, “networking and partnership with the other municipalities in this network is a valuable tool we will use to develop policies to promote the health and wellbeing in the population of Monchique.”

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