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The first fully mobile optimized and facebook integrated local business directory that provides a list of reputable businesses within the Algarve Region. Covering all categories of business as well as local news we aim to be your stepping stone to what you are looking for. From Apples to Zebras, Accountants to Zoos we hope you can find it here. We aim to bring quality content and with hundreds of businesses already listed plus more each day we’re off to a good start. We are an online directory and therefore our goal is to be number 1 online. This does not mean just our homepage listing on page 1 in Google. This means all our categories and pages ranking page 1 in relevant listings on all search engines, especially Google.

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We drive traffic to businesses that have listings with us by using our search engine compatibility, the site is fully responsive so no matter what size the users screen they can use our site and see the business they are looking for, see enough information about that business, they can contact that business by phone or email, visit their social media pages, website or even visit the business itself using the map plugin. What can make a business stand out is presence. Correct and regularly updated contact information, regular use of social media to show what’s going on in their world, regular events and news. Sometimes it’s hard for people to see all of the information a business is sharing so they miss out on an offer or event that might interest them. We give people access to all of a business’s social media. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest to name a few. Here users do not see just a business name and contact they see what a business has on offer.

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The Future

We are a new site so there is plenty of work to do. Over the next year you will see many more interesting pages and categories as well as other features appear. There will be widgets for both business and public users. We are looking into the translation of the directory and hope to have quality translations into Portuguese and French by 2017, German & Dutch by 2018.  We are going to be out and about across the Algarve. Various representatives of the Algarve Business Directory will be contacting local businesses either by email, phone or in person to explain the specialist services on offer when you list with the Algarve Business Directory.  If you have any Suggestions regarding businesses that are not listed or even the site itself please do not hesitate to contact us. Using the contact us form on the contact page.

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Matthew Love

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Luiana Nascimento

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