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Once you are a member of the Algarve Business Directory you will gain access to our growing audience, both on our website, social media and email list,

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Who, why, what and where to?

We are a small group of Algarve residents who have lived and worked here for many years. We noticed how many new and long term residents are still buying from abroad as they find it difficult, one finding businesses when they need them and two relying on those businesses. We aim to alleviate that issue by sharing pro-active reputable businesses in every town across the Algarve with the world via the Algarve Business Directory.

Already people in all major countries are seeing page 1 listings from the Algarve Business Directory. Businesses they would not hear about or see until they reached the Algarve. This is useful for tourists, second home owners and residents they can make contact directly with a business via our site, either by telephone, email, social media, your website or in person if you have a fixed location.

Our aim is for people to be able to contact any Algarve business by the easiest means possible, whether they prefer picking up the phone, sending an email, an instant message or visiting you in person. We understand how important it is for you to make the most of every business opportunity to succeed in business these days and we don’t want you to miss out on any.

We launched in March 2016 and have gone from strength to strength. We are on target to hit 750 listings and we aim to list all proactive Algarve business in future. We urge you to get listed soon and take advantage of the great international business publicity we offer.

Thank you for taking the time to read this we look forward to bringing you quality content about the Algarve and the many new and exciting things that are happening here.

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