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You can help to stop these infections by keeping your dog’s coat and skin healthy. Jenny can give you advice about the most appropriate way to maintain your dog’s coat through the hot summer months. Proper grooming through the parlor will maintain coat (and therefore skin) health. This decreases dermatitis cases in dogs with problem skin. Shampooing with anti-allergy treatments helps decrease the need for steroids in allergic dogs as well. Dermatitis cases can be found during a groom. Clinic staff are on hand to inspect any suspicious lesions seen in the parlor and cases can be discussed with the owner. If an owner wishes, a skin case can be treated through the clinic on the same day. In the parlor, animals are groomed in a friendly and stress-free environment. Some owners know that their pet will not stand for being groomed and will become stressed and aggressive. When owners request that their cat or dog receive a little medicated calming before a bath or clip, Veterinary administered sedation’s can be given and monitored by trained staff. This means it is a safe and fast procedure. This can be a blessing for stressed pets (and their owners!).
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Lagos Groomers – Professional Dog Grooming Service Address: Rua Tristao da Cunha, Lote 48 Town or City: Lagos Postcode: 8600-626 Region: Algarve Country: Portugal Algarve Municipality: Lagos Groomers – Professional Dog Grooming Service

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