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Turning a house into a home: just a matter of doing some wholesaling and that´s it – ins´t it? But what if a home is more than just a few pieces of furniture? With this question in mind Louise and Leon from the Netherlands opened their shop in the Algarve (Almancil) with a large selection of exceptional new and used furniture, decoration, homemade garden furniture, artwork, antiques and authentic, frequently handmade Portuguese products. Have a browse round their vast selection of carefully chosen good-quality cupboards, settees, tables and many other things, new and used. Allow yourself to be surprised by their collection of authentic Portuguese tiles, with or without under-floor heating. And who knows, amongst their large collection of artwork you might just discover exactly the painting that suits you. “We love quality. we don´t only look for that in our products but it shows also in how we receive and treat people and in the radiance of our shop” says Leon. “
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Louise & Leon Address: EN125, Sitio da Torre 04 Town or City: Almancil Postcode: 8135-029 Region: Algarve Country: Portugal Algarve Municipality: Louise & Leon

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