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was born in Tra¡s-os-Montes, Portugal, where I enjoyed a most leisurely and happy childhood. As a small child I used to join my family for the harvest at my grandparents’ vineyard. It would be awe-inspiring to say that my passion for wine emerged by then but the truth is that my most cheerful memories are the lovely furry rabbits of the farm and the yummy wild blackberries that grew alongside the road. The appeal arrived much later, in 1991, during a summer job in a Port wine house. I loved everything about it: the smell of the warehouses, the stories about the wine and people, the vineyards and, of course, the wine. And a few years later I definitely embraced the wine spirit. This has been, since then, an exciting adventure discovering Portuguese wines while working in several wine producing companies. In January 2013, I started gathering my own selection of Portuguese wines and could not resist to add other Portuguese delicacies. I believe that a successful business is built on solid relationships and I’ve been developing a network of mutually-beneficial partnerships with importers who share the same dedication to excellence. I am wholeheartedly committed to spread the word about our products and grow business sustainably and with integrity. I hope that these brands will soon be available for you, as well. So, while I’m enjoying myself with my top passions “ wine, food, meeting people and travelling “ I hope that you feel compelled to discover Portugal. Feel free to ask me anything because it will be a pleasure to share my passion with you!
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Spread the wine Address: Av. Villagarcia de Arosa, 1062, 2º Dto Town or City: Matosinhos Postcode: 4450-300 Region: Algarve Country: Portugal Algarve Municipality: Spread the wine

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